Revive Your Home With Fresh Exterior Paint

Looking to reinvent your home with exterior painting?

Whether you live in an older house or are just looking for a change, exterior painting can make your home feel brand new again. Our team will work with you to establish your aesthetic goals and a schedule with a target completion date. When you partner with the Bozzo's team, you'll quickly learn we have the utmost respect for clients, and will complete projects efficiently and precisely from start to finish. Through it all, our team will communicate updates and answer any questions you may have.

Start From Fresh

Before our team starts exterior painting, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate existing paint, water damage, mold, and the current state of the paneling and trim. Our team thoroughly inspects the quality of your home's exterior to ensure we are starting on a clean slate so primer and paint properly adheres. Once the initial inspection is complete, our team will power-wash the entirety of the exterior, as well as hand-wash any hard-to-reach spots. Our process ensures the paint will have a pristine starting point, ensuring a quality, long lasting product you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

After these beginning steps, your home will be ready for the exterior painting process! Our team will start by applying a high-quality primer to the area being painted. Using a primer ensures paint adheres properly and prevents paint from peeling in the future. Primer encourages longevity in your paint, and creates a barrier of protection against nature's elements. And once we begin painting, our team will paint several layers to ensure colors are bold and equally distributed.